en fr Olvid The most secure messaging app in the world Only cryptography can guarantee the complete security of your communications Google Play App Store Capture d'écran Frequently Asked Questions Is Olvid open source? Not yet, but soon! Olvid’s development team is doing its maximum to make this happen as soon as possible, but we still need some time. Our intention is to open the code of all the components of Olvid (Android and iOS clients, server, etc.) in order for it to be verified by all the experts out there, and so that anyone willing to contribute to this project can do so. What is Olvid’s business model? Olvid is free for the general public. This free version is financed by the paid corporate level functionalities (Desktop version, multi-device, mobile device management, VoIP, Azure ADFS integration, etc.). I would love to give it a try! How do I create my account? With Olvid, there is no such thing as an “account”. When installing and using Olvid, you will be asked for your first and last name. These informations are not transmitted to our servers. This is one of the benefits of our technology: no personal data is ever sent to Olvid's servers. If you no longer wish to use Olvid, you can simply warn your contacts and unsinstall the application. That’s it. You say Olvid is the “most secure messaging app in the world”… do I have to take your word on this? This is a pretty legitimate concern. We have taken three actions to support our statement:
  1. We have shared the entire source code of Olvid with Prof. Michel Abdalla, (CNRS Senior Researcher and ENS Adjunct Professor) who is currently auditing our cryptographic protocols, allowing to bring a proof, rather than a simple argument, that Olvid is secure.
  2. Olvid will soon go through a the CSPN framework of the ANSSI.
  3. We are working with Yes We Hack, the #1 European Bug Bounty Platform, allowing to leaverage a global community of white hat hackers to ensure our code is secure.