Use Olvid with your computer

Olvid Web allows you to use Olvid with your computer (Windows/macOS/Linux) in a web browser. Your Android compatible device (smartphone or tablet) will serve as a gateway.


With an Apple device

Olvid Web is not compatible with an iOS device.

Using Olvid with your computer (Windows/macOS/Linux) will be available with the standalone client, coming soon to Olvid.


With an Android device

  1. Visit in your web browser.
  2. Open Olvid on your device and tap (bottom middle button)
  3. Tap Scan and scan the QR code displayed on your computer
  4. Wait for a 4 digit code to appear in your browser and enter it on your device

Why another 4-digit code?

Connecting to a web client like Olvid’s requires the creation of a secure channel between your web browser and your mobile device. In order for this to work regardless of the network configuration, this connection goes through a relay server (for Olvid, a WebSocket server) to which both devices are connected simultaneously.

If nothing special was planned, it would be very easy for the relay server to make a “Man-in-the-middle attack” and to eavesdrop on all exchanges between the browser and the device.

As with the addition of contacts in Olvid, the 4-digit code displayed in the browser and entered on the phone ensures that the channel is secure indeed and that no one can eavesdrop.