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Download Olvid


Download Olvid v1.7.0.msi

Make sure Olvid is not running before updating!

Check our installation instructions.

SHA-256: ec98fa408a2f1d74a5055ba54f0d33faa2e3c7cf84128033e787fb600cfe325c


Download on Google Play

Direct APK download
Warning, installing an APK from an unknown source (including our website) represents a risk. If you do not have the ability to verify the signature of this APK, we recommend you do not go further.
1. Download the latest universal Android APK:
2. Verify the signature with apksigner (available in the Android SDK):
apksigner verify --print-certs Olvid-249.apk
3. The output may contain several warnings that can be ignored, but the "Signer #1 certificate SHA-256 digest" must be:
This APK is signed by Google Inc., this is normal as it is the version uploaded to the Google Play store.


Download Olvid v1.7.0.tar.gz (for x86).

Check our installation instructions.

SHA-256: 071246a4089ab5a4c5310247cecd49a7794f0810786368480be4fb0d1194a765