en fr Olvid The most secure messaging app in the world Only cryptography can guarantee the complete security of your communications Google Play App Store Capture d'écran Illustration You believe data leaks can’t be avoided? Don’t give up! Olvid reproduces the confidentiality of a closed-door meeting in the digital world. You no longer trust the integrity of servers? For the first time, security does not rely on trusted servers. You want to protect you personal data? No identification element is ever transmitted to the servers: the exploitation of personal data is not possible, neither by Olvid, nor by a third party. Secure your Communications Right now, easily, at an unprecedented security level Ease of use Just install the app on your smartphone and that’s it (quick and easy deployment, completely independent of the solutions already in place in your company). Enjoy the same ergonomics as consumer applications, plus security. Exchange texts & attachments and form groups with any Olvid user inside or outside your company. Security & Privacy by design Never go wrong, 100% privacy and security systematically guaranteed in a transparent and native way. Get the best cryptographic security level on the market. Protect yourself from eavesdropping with end-to-end encryption. Multi-device Use Olvid with any smartphone, Android and iOS, regardless of the version. Step 1
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“94% of data leaks can be traced back to third parties” Email or instant messaging used to communicate with subcontractors, clients, consultants, lawyers… are quite often at the source of the leak. CybelAngel blog “If you build a system where everything comes down to trusting the server, you might as well dispense with all the complexity and forget about end-to-end encryption” Matthew Green, cryptography professor at Johns-Hopkins University, Wired Security Considerations Authentication & encryption of data and metadata No current means of communication can guarantee these 3 components simultaneously. Encrypted email guarantees user authentication but the security level of exchanges is not satisfactory. Instant messaging apps offer various encryption qualities but cannot guarantee user authentication. Finally, both email and current instant messaging leave traces on the servers… Olvid addresses these three issues in one single app. Authentication Guarantee the use of the right key to ensure that you reach the right person Data encryption Use this key properly, with state-of-the-art mechanisms, to ensure that no third party can ever see your exchanges Metadata encryption Protect all the information with this key in order to preserve the anonymity of exchanges
Market condition
Email encryption S/MIME and PGP Focus on authentication No forward secrecy Unencrypted metadata in the header Email can never provide an acceptable security level Consumer grade messaging WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram… Focus on end-to-end encryption Fallible authentication based on a central server
→ risk of breach
Unencrypted metadata
Professional messaging   High-security datacenters in Europe Same security model as WhatsApp
A Major Technological Breakthrough No longer trust servers to communicate Our security model is radically innovative. Olvid is the only communication tool that does not rely on servers for the security of its communications. Servers get hacked? No problem, it is impossible to access message contents or to reveal user identities. Olvid is the only messaging app to encrypt all metadata and thus guarantee the anonymity of users. Olvid also guarantees user authentication, unlike all other messaging systems whose servers act as trusted third parties… Cryptographic guarantees Security is enforced exclusively by cryptographic means (as opposed to access control/passwords) Strong authentication User identities guaranteed without the need for a trusted third party No trust in the servers Security assured even after a server compromise Forward secrecy Ensure the confidentiality of past interactions, even after a key compromise (converstation history remains inaccessible, each message, each file, is encrypted with a single use ephemeral key) Multidevice solution For smartphones in v1, Android and iOS (eventually on desktop, with synchronization and without master device) Anonymity Impossible for the operator to know who is talking to whom. No third party can identify the participants, not even the server. No trace of metadata Post Quantum What about post-quantum cryptography? We got you covered! Resistance of cryptograhic algorithms to quantum computers has been a recurring question for the last few years. The symmetric cryptography used inside Olvid today is already resistant to this kind of machines, but this is not the case for the public-key primitives. The reason being that, as of today, no "Post-Quantum" standard exist. For this reason, the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has initiated a worldwide competition (NIST - Post-Quantum Cryptography) to select one or more quantum-resistant public-key primitives. The winners should be announced before the end of 2020. The architecture of the cryptographic engine inside Olvid has been designed from the start to easily accomodate these new algorithms once they are ready. Thanks to this, we will be among the first to implement these new post-quantum standards inside a commercial product. Who Are We? Portrait de Thomas Baignères Thomas Baignères CEO / CO-FOUNDER
  • Cryptography PhD (EPFL)
  • Researcher & consultant for the Belgian State and at CryptoExperts
  • Experienced developer
Portrait de Matthieu Finiasz Matthieu Finiasz CTO / CO-FOUNDER
Portrait de Jacques-André Bondy Jacques-André Bondy VP Product & Marketing / CO-FOUNDER Portrait de Cédric Sylvestre Cédric Sylvestre VP Business Development / CO-FOUNDER
They Trust Us Olvid at the heart of the encryption community We benefit from active, economic and academic support of excellence. Our partners are at the heart of the French and world economy and the encryption community CNRS   ENS Michel Abdalla Audit Cryptographic protocols audit by Michel Abdalla, CNRS Senior Researcher, ENS Adjunct Professor, Member of the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research) Board of Directors. CryptoExperts CryptoExperts Long lasting collaboration Cryptography consulting in Paris since 2009, with international reach. Lead by Pascal Paillier, former director of Gemalto’s “Cryptography and Innovation” unit. platform58 platform58 Incubator Since Oct. 2019, Olvid has joined the highly prized circle of start-ups selected to integrate platform58, the exclusive incubation program created in 2018 by La Banque Postale offering a tailor-made support to highly competitive and disruptive technological startups. Wavestone Wavestone - Shake’Up B2B Accelerator Since Sept. 2019, Olvid integrated the Shake’Up acceleration program, created by Wavestone to help their clients successfully carry out transformation and develop promising start-ups. Olvid is hosted in the heart of the firm’s teams and benefits from its consulting expertise and constant flow of contacts. Agoranov Agoranov Public aid From 2017 to 2019, Olvid was hosted at Agoranov, an incubator founded by ENS, Paristech, Paris-Dauphine University, Sorbonne University, Inria and sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Île de France region, the Paris City and the European Social Fund of the European Union. WILCO WILCO Accelerator Olvid joined Wilco, the largest start-up accelerator in Paris, in March 2019. News NoLimitSecu NoLimitSecu Podcast (in French) 24 novembre 2019 Listen to the NoLimitSecu podcast #247 (play in another window) where Thomas Baignères and Matthieu Finiasz explain what sets Olvid aside from other messaging applications. GDR Sécurité Informatique 2019 National Days of the GDR Sécurité Informatique June 12, 2019 Lecture on the applications of cryptography in communications at the annual days in Paris, CNAM. The GDR Sécurité informatique, an animation tool of the French scientific research, was created by the “Institut des sciences de l’information et de leurs interactions” (INS2I) of the CNRS. Download the slides Wavestone Olvid listed in Wavestone’s French Cybersecurity Startups Radar, 2019 edition May 2019 Wavestone publishes an annual overview of cybersecurity startups, highlighting the main trends. Privacy has become a major topic. Download the PDF OSSIR Designing a truly secure messaging application: Which security model? Which cryptographic means? April 9, 2019 Conference for members of the OSSIR, Observatory of the Security of Information Systems and Networks. Download the slides (in French) CESIN CESIN, Club of Experts in Digital and Information Security March 19, 2019 Presentation about the challenges of securing communications with CESIN members. Observatoire du FIC Securing our communications: from email to WhatsApp, and beyond December 2018 Article published in the FIC Observatory, International Forum on Cybersecurity. Contact Us
Olvid is incubated at platform58
58 rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris