If the secure channel creation never ends

How it works

Olvid must create a secure channel between your device and your contact’s device before they can receive your messages. In the meantime, you can already write. Your first messages will be queued on your device and sent as soon as the secure channel is created.

The creation of the secure channel is done once and for all on two occasions:

  • When you add a new contact.

  • When a user restores a backup of his Olvid profiles on a device. The secure channels are then recreated between the new device and those of all its Olvid contacts.

Under normal circumstances, it only takes a few seconds to create this secure channel. But sometimes it takes longer… And when it does, you’re usually in a situation where you’re likely to wait indefinitely (or almost).

This problem can occur when only one device of either user (you or your contact):

  • has lost or changed their Olvid identity (ID), by switching devices without restoring an Olvid backup, or by uninstalling the app.

    Then check with them directly if this is the case.

  • does not receive message or call notifications.

This problem mostly occurs in the beginning of using Olvid

If a user encounters problems with invitations, it will be mostly at the very beginning of their use of Olvid.

On the other hand, “normal” messages between users always work.

In other words, in cruising mode, users don’t have any more problems.

By exchanging messages with their existing contacts, they regularly relaunch Olvid and unlock all new invitations.

How to solve this

Here is what to do if the secure channel creation never ends.

Do the same as if a device does not receive message or call notifications when connected to a network.