Add contacts face-to-face

You can add contacts in five ways.

If you are face-to-face, Scanning each other Olvid ID is the easiest and fastest way to add contacts. A double QR code Scan will do.

  1. Tap (bottom middle) and ask your contact to do the same.

  2. Tap Scan. (The very first time, permission to access your camera is requested. Accepting it is required to Scan).

  3. Place your contact’s QR code under the lens of your camera. (Pressing the QR code will magnify it, if necessary).
    • A new QR code appears. It’s a one-time use code.
    • Show it to your contact.
  4. Your contact taps Scan and scans your one-time QR code.

  5. Your contact taps Add to contacts and that’s it.

A new discussion appears in your your discussions list .

You can already write your first messages. They will be queued and sent as soon as the secure channel is ready. Its creation is automatic and takes only a few seconds.