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Olvid in 60 millions de consommateurs


“Instant messaging: what if we left WhatsApp?” for 60 millions de consommateurs, by Hervé Cabibbo .

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Olvid in Affiches Parisiennes


“Instant messaging: what risks to corporate data sovereignty?” for Affiches Parisiennes, by Anne Moreaux .

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press & internet

Olvid in L'Usine Nouvelle


“When Whatsapp also worries companies” for L’Usine Nouvelle, by Marion Garreau . Also published in the print edition (No. 3692 - April 2, 2021).

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Olvid at the MEDEF Webinar


Olvid invited to the MEDEF Webinar: “Instant messaging: what are the risks to your data sovereignty? A no-holds-barred debate on the digital and economic security of our data. Which actors should be trusted and under what security conditions? ”.

Opening by Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux , President of MEDEF  .

Co-hosted by:

  • Laurent Giovachini, Co-Chairman of the MEDEF’s Economic Sovereignty and Security Committee, CEO of Sopra Steria, Chairman of the Syntec X-ENSTA Federation.

  • Christian Poyau , Co-President of the MEDEF’s Technological Change & Societal Impacts Commission, CEO of Micropole.


  • Marc-Antoine Brillant, deputy assistant director of strategy at the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security).

  • Arnaud Vieules, deputy director of economic protection at the DGSI (General Directorate of Homeland Security).

  • Thomas Baignères , CEO and co-founder of Olvid.

Conclusion by Christine Hennion , Deputy of Hauts de Seine.

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Olvid in Alliancy


“Medef prefers Olvid to WhatsApp” for Alliancy, by Catherine Moal.

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Olvid in La Croix


“France wants to progress on cybersecurity” for La Croix, by Romain Subtil.

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MEDEF visits Olvid


Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux , President of the MEDEF   visits Olvid and his team, surrounded by a delegation of professionals and the Press:

Laurent Giovachini, Co-Chairman of the Medef Sovereignty Committee, CEO of Sopra Steria, Chairman of the Syntec X-ENSTA Federation.

Christian Poyau , Co-Chairman of the Medef’s Technological Change & Societal Impacts Commission, CEO of Micropole.

Stephanie Tison , Deputy International Director of Medef.

Gautier Berna , Mission Director at Medef’s social division.

Francine Bertrand , Director of the WAI Paris Accelerator at BNP Paribas Développement Innovation.

Marguerite Bérard , Director of Networks France, member of the Executive Committee of BNP Paribas.

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MEDEF chooses Olvid


“Bye bye WhatsApp, hello Olvid. The MEDEF   changes messaging and chooses a French player” publishes its President, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux .

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Olvid in 01Net


“Olvid: how to get started with the “world’s most secure” messaging system” in 01Net. Thanks Geoffroy Ondet.

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Olvid in SDBR News


“With Olvid, users regain possession of their digital identity…” for SDBR News. Thank you Alain Establier.

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Olvid in Le Figaro


Olvid in “Alternative instant messaging solutions are taken by storm”, by Ingrid Vergara . Also published in the printed edition.

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Olvid invited on 01HEBDO


Jacques-André Bondy was the guest of François Sorel and Jérôme Colombain in 01HEBDO on 01TV, the video channel of the high-tech news website

Followed by a precise article written by Gilbert Kallenborn .

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Podcast La Robe Numérique


Oriana Labruyère , lawyer in digital law and DPO, receives Cédric Sylvestre for the launch of the podcast “La Robe Numérique” (The Digital Dress) which allows to discover technological solutions responding to modern legal issues.

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Thomas invited by Smart Tech on B SMART


Thomas Baignères was the guest of Delphine Sabattier in Smart Tech on B SMART TV, alongside Claire Poirson and Benoit Grunemwald. A beautiful tray for an exciting topic: “What do messengers do with our data?”.

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internet & press

Olvid in Le Point


Superb in-depth interview of Thomas Baignères by Le Point. And reminder in the print edition (No. 2527 - January 21st, 2021). Thank you Guillaume Grallet for this time and all these details.

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Olvid on RTL


“Olvid, the French messaging service more secure than WhatsApp and Signal” for RTL. Thanks Benjamin Hue .

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Olvid on Phonandroid


“Olvid: this French messaging app is more secure than WhatsApp and Signal” for Phonandroid. Thanks Florian Bayard.

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Thomas and Olvid in the "Most Significant Interviews of 2020" for clubic


Thomas Baignères and Olvid in the “Most Significant Interviews of 2020” for 🗞 clubic, alongside a co-creator of Siri and David Caroll, a Cambridge Analytica/Facebook whistleblower, among others 👏. The year is off to a strong start. Thank you Alexandre Boero . Best wishes to all of you.

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Conference at the AEGE Cyber Club


Conference at the Cyber Club of the AEGE (Alumni of the Economic Warfare School). “Can you trust WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc.?”

Watch the conference (FR)


Olvid on the front page of clubic


We dreamed about it, Alexandre Boero did it 🙌 ! Thanks to him for this great interview where we come back on what makes Olvid a really respectful messaging service for its users, really safe, fundamentally different!

👀 Read the clubic article (FR) Watch the interview (FR)


Olvid in Les Echos Entrepreneurs


“IT: Olvid sells its ultra-secure messaging service”. Interview with Jonathan Grelier.

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Olvid in Le Figaro Economie


That is done 🙌! “Olvid, a French start-up, challenges WhatsApp and Telegram on security” by Ingrid Vergara . Also published in the week-end printed edition of Le Figaro Economie, with the anniversary issue of Madame Figaro’s 40th birthday.

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Olvid Wins Jury and Public Awards for Innovation at the 2020 Cyber Security Forum Les Assises


Olvid has the tremendeous honnor to be awarded the jury and public prizes of the Innovation Award of the Cybersecurity Forum Les Assises 2020.

Award Ceremony (FR) Olvid on Assises Website Pitch video


Olvid is CSPN-certified by ANSSI


Olvid becomes the first instant messenger CSPN-certified by ANSSI (The Security Visa issued by the French National Cybersecurity Agency). The security scope and the certification report are published on the ANSSI website.

For the sake of transparency, we have decided to make public the evaluation technical report produced by the Synacktiv excellence team. Beware, this is indeed "technical" (and in French). Sensitive souls should refrain. You have been warned 🤓.

👀 Read the evaluation technical report (fr)


Olvid is a guest of Smart Tech on B SMART TV Channel


Thomas Baignères was invited by Delphine Sabattier in the TV show Smart Tech on B SMART TV Channel to share his expertise on this good subject: “And tomorrow… The future of instant messaging”.

Replay the Smart Tech TV Show (FR)


Olvid featured among the 100 startup handpicked by Challenges!


Every year, the weekly business magazine Challenges publishes a handpicked selection of 100 startups. We are very proud to be part of the 2020 edition 😎!

👀 Read this special issue of Challenges magazine (FR)


CONF@42. Can you trust instant messengers?


Conference at 42. Can you trust WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and all the others? If you want to understand how these instant messengers work, their security model, and how they treat the protection of your personal data, listen to Thomas Baignères and Matthieu Finiasz.

Watch the conference at Ecole 42 (FR)


Olvid in Challenges, the French weekly business magazine


“Olvid, the French messenger that aims to be more secure than WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal”. Challenges, the French weekly business magazine, publishes a comprehensive article entirely dedicated to Olvid, by Antoine Izambard .

👀 Read the Challenges article (FR)


Olvid on BFM Business in Tech & Co


Thomas Baignères looked at the specifics of Olvid on BFM Business  , in Tech & Co , hosted by Frédéric Simottel .

Watch Tech & Co


Olvid wins the FIC 2020 Startup Award


Olvid has the honnor to be rewarded the FIC 2020 Startup Award, from the hands of Frédéric Julhes, President of the jury and CEO of Airbus Cybersecurity SAS, during the FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) .

Award Ceremony (FR) FIC website Video Interview (FR)


NoLimitSecu Podcast


Thomas Baignères and Matthieu Finiasz discuss what sets Olvid apart from other messengers with Hervé Shauer , Johanne Ulloa and Vladimir Kolla, for NoLimitSecu  .

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National Days of the GDR in cybersecurity


Lecture on the applications of cryptography in communications at the annual days in Paris, CNAM. The GDR Sécurité informatique, an animation tool of the French scientific research, was created by the “Institut des sciences de l’information et de leurs interactions” (INS2I) of the CNRS.

Download the slides (en)


Olvid featured in the 2019 edition of Wavestone's cybersecurity french start-ups radar


Wavestone publishes its annual overview of cybersecurity startups, highlighting the main trends. Privacy has become a major topic.

Download the PDF


Building an instant messenger providing true security: Which security model? Which cryptographic means?


Conference for members of OSSIR (Observatory of the Security of Information Systems and Networks) .

Download the slides (fr)


CESIN, the club of Cybersecurity Experts


Presentation of the challenges of securing communications with CESIN   members.


Publication in the FIC Observatory


“Securing our Communications: From Email to Whatsapp and Beyond”. Publication of our article in the International Cybersecurity Observatory by FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) .

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